Mission Statement

-If you know of a Lost or backslidden soul in jail, Prison or a rehab, send us their name, address and Din number (if applicable) and we will send out a Bible and any other Christ centered material we have available at that time (as the Lord provides). We have run across a few facilities that have more stringent rules than the rest and will not accept any religious material.

-You are welcome to copy any materials written by Mark Beha and
dispense it in it's entirety for God's glory.

-2nd Chance Christian Newsletter is a Christ centered-organization that has been developed and supported by Christians to help bring about a relationship with theperson of Jesus Christ through thegospel of Jesus Christ. It keeps in mind thatthe need of redemption for all souls is necessary to receive eternal life. We will
send Bibles and Bible lessons to inmates and rehab patients that request them.

-We have expanded to support foreign missionaries.

-The endless cycle of drugs and violence, coupled with the moral depravity intoday's society, can only be conquered with the authority of God the Almighty.This Divine Authority comes in the form of faith in the person of Jesus Christ, whodied for the forgiveness of sins for those that would repent, accept Him as their
personal Saviour and confess Him as Lord. Forgiveness of sins and the hope ofeternal life as promised in the scriptures is only revealed through the Word of God.

-The purpose of this web site is to build support for a cure to an epidemic that isplaguing our nation as a whole. The United States of America is not the God-based country it once was. In a society where anything goes except, Jesus Christand what He stands for, the need for the peace within one’s soul that comes only
from having sins forgiven and receiving the promise of eternal life has never beenmore evident.

-We fully understand the life-changing power of God the Almighty. Ourmessage to inmates and their families is that there is hope: that hope is eternal inthe person of Jesus Christ.

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