Bible Lessons & Preaching/Teaching Outlines Available
2nd Chance Christian Newsletter
has permission to use material from:
King James Bible Study Correspondence Course
an Outreach of Highway Evangelistic Ministries
Their address is: King James Bible Study Correspondence Course
5311 Windridge Lane
Lockhart, Florida   32810   USA
To view the material offered visit: http:
These lessons are available in Spanish, English and Telugu.

James Knox has given us permission to use his King James Bible study for
It is available in
English and Russian at:
We provide this service to help absorb some of the cost that would normally be
placed on Highway Evangelistic Ministries. 2nd Chance Christian Newsletter will
send and receive the lessons offered on their web site. We will send lessons 0-4
along with the requirements to any one who ask. We will only send more lessons
out after we receive the first set of lessons finished.

2nd Chance Christian Newsletter
has permission to use
Line Upon Line, a verse by verse
self-study guide through the entire Word of God. Originally developed as
The New Zealand Correspondence School of The Bible by Dr. J.G. Williams
This course should take someone about two and one half years to complete.
Line Upon Line is only free for inmates. For information about the
Line Upon Line
Bible study or to purchase one for yourself please contact Jeff Willians from his
web site at
The Line Upon Line Bible Study is only available in English.

Pastor Modlish from Faith Baptist Church (located at 436 Coal Creek
Road in Chehalis, Washington) has given us permission to link to,
copy and redistribute his Bible lessons and preaching outlines. Please click on to: for Bible study outlines. for discipleship
lessons. the names of Christ. for sermon outlines. sermons in mp3 format. various topics/sources.
Pastor Modlish's material is in

Pastor Naeem Shahzad Anthony from Pakistan has translated some of Pastor
material from English to the language of Urdu.
Did God Really Preserve a Book Introduction

Pastor William O'Dell from Hunters Creek Bible Baptist Church at
7184 Hunters Creek Road, Holland N.Y. 14080 has given us permission
to use a collection of message outlines he has assembled over the years.
Pastor O'Dell's outlines are in
English only.
Are You Hurting
Care Giving For The Bitter
Care Giving For The Discouraged
Care Giving For The Grieving
Care Ministry
Caring by Entertaining
Caring For The Angry
Caring For The Suffering & The Afflicted
Compassion & Care of Jesus Christ
Dealing With Addiction to Bad Habits
Dealing With Depression
Forgiveness to Pardon or Overlook Offence
Good Samaritan
Helping The Financially Distress!
How to Cope With Teenage Depression
How to Deal With Loneness
How to Deal With Times of Distress
How to Forget The Past
How to Handle The Problems of Life
How to Make Baby Believers Make Decisions About Activities
How to Win Your Husband to The Lord
Least of These My Brethren
Divine Care Giving
The Root of Bitterness
What Must I Do To Be Happy

2nd Chance has also received permission from Pastor Delello of Victory Bible
Baptist Church in Porters Corners, New York to make his sermons / Sunday
School outlines available.
You will find more available on his web site at:
Comfort in Suffering
What Does The Devil Want Anyway?

Pastor Lance Thomas
Victory Baptist Bible Church
P.O. Box 58
Lehman, PA 18627
"Eight Steps Now That I'm Saved"
"A Closer Look At Salvation"

Brother Paul Scott, Missionary to Vietnam, has provided some of his Discipleship
lessons that have proven invaluable to so many over the years.
Characteristics of a typical church

I am currently in contact with other Christian Ministries about providing their
material free for the glory of God. 2nd Chance is also in the process of finishing up
a Salvation Workbook which will be available for free so please check back from
time to time.

If you are having problems with downloading any of the Bible lessons or
if you have any questions or for more information please feel free to contact us at:

You may also write to the addresses below.

2nd Chance Christian Newsletter
P.O. Box 184
Martville, NY 13111
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